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The Board

The Oregon City Library Foundation is a key partner in supporting the Oregon City Public Library through fundraising, advocacy, and community support. Created in 2009 as an independent, nonprofit entity, the mission of the Foundation was to raise funds for the expansion of the library in Oregon City. Upon completion of the building expansion in 2016, the Foundation turned to supporting the library and its pivotal role in the community.


The 2023 OC Library Foundation Board Members:

Karen Martini, Executive Director and Interim Chair

Cynthia Andrews, Liaison to OC Library Board and Secretary

David Wimmer, Treasurer

Lynda Orzen, Liaison to Friends of the Library

Rosa Walker, Community Member

Brian Nava, Community Member

Chelsea Swanson, Community Member

Pam Bloom, Immediate Past Chair

Ex-officio Members:

Greg Williams, Library Director of OC Public Library

Funds are carefully managed by the OC Library Foundation Board, an all-volunteer group with expertise in finance, investment, fundraising and non-profit management. With more than $500,000 donated, the board looks forward to using the remaining monies and future contributions on library initiatives, both short- and long-term. With the community's support, the OC Library Foundation will continue to enhance our library for the benefit of our citizens, now and into the future.

Foundation History

The Oregon City Library Foundation was formed in 2009 with a specific goal in mind -- to help with the construction and/or renovation of a library in Oregon City that would best serve the community. As the plans for the renovated Library situated in the historic Carnegie were drawn, the Library Foundation launched a fund raising campaign to supplement the building budget and add value to the new space. 


With that project completed in 2016, the Foundation turned its attention to the future, positioning itself to be prepared to fund selected projects and equipment that will keep our library current for this generation and those to come.

Library History

In June 1913, the people of Oregon City celebrated the grand opening of the Carnegie Building which served as the city library from 1913 – 1995 when it was determined that the facility was no longer large enough to serve the needs of the community.


In 1995, the library was relocated to a 13,000 sq. ft. leased facility in Danielson’s Hilltop Mall at the corner of Molalla & Warner Milne Road.

In November 2008, voters approved formation of the Clackamas County Library District which provided stable operating funds for the member libraries and the County offered each member library one million dollars for capital improvements. (In other words, $1M to build a new library or improve an existing one.)

In 2010, the Hilltop Mall space was no longer available, so the library returned to the 6,500 sq. ft. historic Carnegie building as a temporary solution.

After an extensive analytical and investigative process, the OC Library Board and the City of Oregon City decided to meet the need for a larger library by expanding the historic Carnegie Library on the Library Park site.


Construction began in August, 2015 and was completed in October, 2016. The building project added 14,000 square feet to the existing Carnegie in a stunning fashion, retaining the beauty of the Carnegie while adding the spaces needed by the community.


The new library welcomes thousands of people (average monthly door count over 37,000) every month for storytimes, programs, research, and reading. The City has built upon its heritage and used the park setting to create a facility that is both functional and beautiful.

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